Our vision

Each epoch has it's own history of culture and history of spices. The culture of the beginning 21st century is marking a transition from a technically dominated century into a biological epoch. This milestone of mankind touches all aspects of life including the economy. Since the 17th century, companies have been considered "complex machines" und economic relations as "mechanical connections". All these theories - and might they be as highly sophisticated and developed as possible - come to their limits and will eventually fail. In the biological age, companies and other organizations will be considered to not only have a structure but also their own character and soul. This change forces leaders to adopt a radical new way of thinking for the management and sustainable development of companies.

blueCiNNAMON has already adopted this kind of thinking and wants to be part of the history of spices of the beginning 21st century. Name and logo of blueCiNNAMON are a symbol for the spirit of our company. The choice of font is an image of the explained characteristic of blue and cinnamon, the inversed choice of colors embodies the idea that only the combination of intellect and empathy, of IQ and EQ, the integration of spirit, soul and structure will lead to results beyond ordinary thinking patterns and finally to implemented solutions beyond imagination.

It will be our challenge to make with that philosophy in your company the small but success building difference.