Products and services of blueCiNNAMON

Possible forms of support in the management of change processes can be derived from the drawing above.

We want to be the little difference in your company that makes the successful difference. Basically we see four forms of possible support before, during or after the change processes:

Coaching (to top)

i.e. escorting managers or change management teams. In this form of support of blueCiNNAMON the service mainly consists of giving impulses as well as taking the role of a critical sparring partner and/or of a neutral, professional advisor.


This form of support is advisable if the management already has a clear idea about the future, these ideas do have a broad support in the organization and if the necessary resources are available internally


if the management would like to develop new ideas with the input and help of an external partner.


Brainwork (to top)

i.e. development of new solutions beyond conventional thinking patterns

This offer is specially suitable in situations when managers want to get involved with questions of the future development of the company and would like to use external know how, get new angles of vision and new external ideas.

Project management (to top)

i.e. the full management and responsibility for the change processes

With the delegation of the project management to blueCiNNAMON managers can put all their weight behind a project without neglecting the daily business. The mandate will be specially successful if blueCiNNAMON has been involved already in the brainwork phase and therefore is familiar with the target.

Interim management (to top)

i.e. taking responsibility for line functions during critical phases. This includes responsibility for bottom line or functional results.

This kind of support is appropriate if the successful realization of change processes requires management skills which are not available internally and/or if these skills are only required for a limited amount of time. It also enables top management to make quick personnel decisions which in turn will speed up the change process.

Interim management has many advantages for companies. Today companies still take very seldom advantage of this opportunity.